Why Energy Efficiency?

The idea of smart energy consumption is now on the top of policy makers agenda across the globe. Today, the increasing population, economic constrains, and demand on energy resources have become great challenges facing developing and developed nations. The need for integrated and effective national and regional policies and regulations to control energy consumption has become essential.
The Arab region has been the main source of traditional fossil energy feeding the world’s need now faces great challenges. Hence, a strategic approach must take place in planning and executing serious plans to guarantee a continuous smart consumption and alternative energy sources.
Adopting and promoting awareness of energy efficiency practices and technologies help Arab countries in many economic and social aspects to:
• Maximize the remaining fossil fuel consumption period
• Achieve a balance in government budgets related to energy generation and supply
• Create new jobs
• Transfer and implement latest energy technologies
• Minimize negative effects on environment that are caused by gas emissions
• Raising the region’s awareness and civilized practices in consuming energy
• Engaging the civil community and public sector in creating and implementing energy efficiency laws and regulations